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Analyst Roundtable - Cloudonomics: Making the cloud pay


You’ve heard the line over and over again “cloud computing saves costs.” But how does it save money? Can traditional enterprises benefit from its value like the giant web companies have done?

In most cases—moving to the cloud—certain technology assets stay behind and for good reasons. Can assets that stay behind shift to a private cloud and reap similar benefits to public cloud?


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Topics include:

  • Economic and strategic perspective of computing as a utility
  • What is the value of reduced latency, geographic dispersion and flexible capacity planning?
  • Public versus private cloud economics and where conventional wisdom errs
  • How to leverage new cloud business models
  • How cloud technology and ecosystems will evolve over the next decade

Featured Analysts:

  • Paul Miller, Founder, The Cloud of Data
  • Dan Olds, Founder & Principal Analyst, Gabriel Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Dave Ohara, GigaOM Pro Analyst and Founder, GreenM3
  • Joe Weinman, VP, Cloud Services and Strategy, Telx and author, "Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing"

Original Air Date: November 6, 2012

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A must see event for CIOs, IT decision makers, Business strategists, Cloud platform providers, Data center operators, Service providers, and Enterprise software and technology vendors

In this analyst roundtable, we discuss how the core characteristics of the cloud—such as on-demand resources, usage-based charging and geographic dispersion—translate into business value, revenue growth, cost and risk reduction, and improved customer experience.